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Oryza-SIL (Oryza Aerogel)

ORYZA-SIL-650  (Hot insulation)

Oryza Aerogel Blanket is a flexible termal insulation material made of aerogel and a variety of reinforcing fibers through a special manufacturing process.

This product is widely used in industrial pipelines, petroleum/petrochemical industry, home appliances, construction and others, because of its excellent performance in energy saving and emission reduction.

Oryza LTG (Cold insulation)

Oryza-LTG is a highly porous, low density, lightweight material that is produced using a specialized manufacturing process. The resulting composite material is known to possess good flexibility, low thermal conductivity, excellent.

With these superior properties, the Oryza-LTG can be effectively used in sub-ambient and cryogenic insulation applications such as in LNG pipelines, storage or transportation.